Our History

In 1965, Dale Rector founded Realty Executives International in Scottsdale, Arizona. Recognized as the first to champion the “100 percent commission” concept, Rector realized that the status quo was not working and he sought to change and improve the business of selling real estate.

Known to be an innovator and a soft-spoken champion of real estate professionals industry-wide, Rector’s 100 percent concept had emerged as an industry philosophy embraced by nearly one-quarter of all REALTORS® throughout the U.S.

Each year, sales volume and the number of associates have grown - proof of the concept’s wide acceptance and success. But Realty Executives rapid growth is no surprise. Give professional sales associates an environment where they can concentrate on what they love to do - sell, and they will get results.

Through Dale Rector's vision and dedication to his new concept, the real estate industry has experienced a major change—an alternative to traditional operations that have hindered the real estate profession for many years. Realty Executives has revolutionized the real estate industry by focusing on the needs of the real estate Executive.